NitroShare - Transferring files between computers (Linux-Linux)

A very easy solution to transfer files or whole directories betwen 2 linux computers.

I have been looking for a good GUI solution (apart from samba) for some time now, when I have been introduced to NitroShare. (

Easy installation from Linux Mint/Ubuntu

sudo apt install nitroshare

Once installed just launch it from your applications on both computers and you are ready to start transferring files immediately.


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Exercise #26 (outputs)


What are the outputs of the following commands :


A. echo ${name}

B. echo ${name/J/j}

C. echo ${name:0:2}

D. echo ${name::2}

E. echo ${name::-1}

F. echo ${name:(-1)}

G. echo ${name:(-2):1}

H. echo ${food:-Cake}

Simple Backup SHELL script

#!/bin/bash #typically the first line of the bash scripts

BTIME=`date +%d-%b-%y` #current date

SOURCE=/home/path-to-data/ #the folder we want to backup

DESTINATION=/home/my-backups/backup-$BTIME.tar.gz #create a backup file using the current date in it's name

tar -cpzf $DESTINATION $SOURCE #creating the backup

Exercise #25 (library)

Explain how to uninstall the libraries in Debian and RedHat?

Exercise #24 (backend)

How can you run a Linux program in the background simultaneously when you start your Linux Server?

Exercise #23 (pwd)

What is the pwd command?

Exercise #22 (subnet)

Let's do some networking. Can you answer this question, and explain your solution ?
What is the correct subnet for this network configuration ?



Exercise #21 (bulk)

1. Use rsync to synch backup.tar.gz locally into the /home/exercise/ folder...

2. Command to sync all files from /home/sourcedir/ onto a remote machine ( into the /home/targetdir/ folder

3. Copy/sync a File from a Remote machine to a Local machine with Rsync / SSH, what's the command to achieve this ?
Server IP:
Source Directory and file: /home/mysource/backup.tar.gz
Target local directory : /home/targetdir/

4. Is it possible to use rsync only to copy files from a remote source to a remote destination ?

5. What's the command to transfer files between 2 REMOTE locations, HOST1 and HOST2 using ssh and rsync

HOST1 hostname : myremotehost
HOST2 hostname : yourremotehost
HOST1 source directory : /home/myremotehost/sharedfiles/
HOST2 target directory : /home/yourremotehost/received/

Exercise #20 (commands)

1. What, if anything, is wrong with each of the following commands?
a) ls -l-a
b) cat file1, file2
c) ls - s /etc

2. What is the command to calculate the size of a folder?

3. What's the command that will display all .txt files, including their individual permission.

4. How do you terminate all running processes at once ?

5. How can you find out how much memory Linux is using? (if you can, give us more than one examples)

Exercise #19 (memory)

How many ways can you check the available free memory under Linux terminal ?

Exercise #18 (networking)

What commands would you use for network troubleshooting

Exercise #17 (Security)

Which of the following are common utilities used to determine if if your system has been compromised? Explain your choice.
A. finger, netstat, ps, rlogin
B. finger, netstat, ps, who
C. finger, ps, rexec, who
D. finger, ps, rexec, rlogin

Rkhunter (Rootkit Hunter) is an open source Unix/Linux based scanner tool

Securing your linux by installing Rkhunter

What Is Rkhunter?

Rkhunter (Rootkit Hunter) is an open source Unix/Linux based scanner tool for Linux systems released under GPL that scans backdoors, rootkits and local exploits on your systems.

It scans hidden files, wrong permissions set on binaries, suspicious strings in kernel etc. To know more about Rkhunter and its features visit

While it might not deter a sophisticated attacker, it will most definitely help you identify your own mistakes.

Example installation steps for Linux Mint / Ubuntu is provided below.

Here is the source :



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